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Daily rent apartments Berdiansk

105 EUR

Kostyicheva-ul, 17()

house +3805095327... Updated 14.07.2018
84 EUR

Kostyicheva-ul, 17

house +3805095327... Updated 14.07.2018
21 EUR


1 rooms +3809905316... Updated 10.07.2018
42 EUR

Tischenko-ul, 2

3 rooms +3809905316... Updated 08.07.2018
23 EUR

Mazina-ul, 43

1 rooms +3809905316... Updated 04.07.2018
17 EUR

Liepayskaya-ul, 14

1 rooms +3809905316... Updated 04.07.2018
21 EUR

Vostochnyiy-pr, 234

1 rooms +3809905316... Updated 05.06.2018
25 EUR

Vostochnyiy-pr, 232

2 rooms +3809905316... Updated 05.06.2018
17 EUR

Morskaya-ul, 25

1 rooms +3809905316...
34 EUR

Vostochnyiy-pr, 230

3 rooms +3809905316...
25 EUR

Vostochnyiy--pr, 228

2 rooms +3809543687... Updated 09.07.2018
19 EUR

Michurina-ul, 85а

1 rooms +38(099) 113-84...
21 EUR


2 rooms +3809905316...
21 EUR

Gorkogo-ul, 45

1 rooms +3809952280...
25 EUR

Michurina-ul, 85

3 rooms +3806688475...

Going in Berdyansk: determined with housing for rent on the Berdyansk Kosse

A trip to Berdyansk can turn into an unforgettable and full of positive emotions adventure, if advance to settle all the details associated with accommodation. Typing in a search engine query "apartments in Berdyansk," you are likely to see hundreds of options. However, not all the proposals are worthy of your attention.

While in search of adequate answers to the question "Where to rent an apartment in Berdyansk for a day?", Be sure to visit the online resource Hundreds of Ukrainian and foreign tourists have already entrusted apartment search this site - and were pleased with our choice.

The main thing that attracts tenants in the apartment on the day, the proposed site Oneday, - Rent apartments in Berdyansk without intermediaries. Visiting an online resource, you receive a direct contact number for the owner and will be able to contact them without any problems.

House or apartment in Berdyansk and inexpensively?

When you find an adequate response to the request "apartments in Berdyansk" and to stay, it's time to think about entertainment. The attractions in the city is really a lot.

  • • «Safari» Zoo. Watch the animals in conditions close to natural, it will be especially interesting for families with children. This is - a relatively inexpensive and fun vacation.
  • • Waterpark "We kind of hope." Water Activities accounted for many soul. To no problems in the morning to get to Berdyansk water park, you can rent an apartment in Berdyansk at night near this sight.
  • • Dolphinarium "Nemo". See the trained dolphins and have a good rest with your family can be at this point. By the way, most convenient option is to rent apartments in Berdyansk without intermediaries in Dolphinarium area.
  • • Museums. Art, History Museum, Museum of "feat" and many other cultural institutions are located in the center of Berdyansk. Here you can learn more about Berdyansk and interesting pages of history and pay them very cheap. Removing an apartment in the central area of the city, you can comfortably visit these attractions.
  • • Observation deck. From this location with great views, which are worth visiting during your trip.

Advantages of renting apartments in Berdyansk from

On the internet you will find a huge number of options available on request "apartments in Berdyansk". However, in search of a decent apartment is best to pay attention to Oneday site.

The main advantage, as mentioned earlier, rent apartments in Berdyansk without intermediaries. The moment a positive impact on the cost of housing, and will save you.

However, price is not the only positive aspect. Each apartment is equipped with everything you need, including modern appliances, crockery and a few sets of bed linen.

Before you rent an apartment in Berdyansk for a day, you can read reviews on the Internet, to make the right choice. Remember, to find apartments that are perfectly suited to you and at the same time are cheap - quite real. The main thing - to work with a good website.

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